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There are so many beauty books on the market, yet there are few that teach how to run an actual beauty business. As a beauty entrepreneur, there is so much more to know than styling hair and applying makeup. While the skills of the trade are crucial, making money and running a legitamite business are just as important. 

The Beauty Boss Book will not teach you how to apply makeup or style hair, this book will teach you how to run a business from the start, and more importantly, how to make money. Follow me through my journey step by step in The Beauty Boss Book. I talk about things that nobody else talked to me about. I am thrilled to share my years of experience with you through this forum. 

My hope is that this book will help you start your own career as a professional Beauty Boss. Being a beauty professional IS A CAREER and can be a lucrative one too!

Sara Faella

Beauty Boss Book Paperback

Expected to Ship by July 2023
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